VAS Error Codes

V001Invalid Merchant ID
V002Invalid XML Message
V003General System Error
V004IP not allowed
V006VAS ID not enabled for Merchant ID
V007Invalid VAS ID
V008VAS Provider Down
V009VAS CustomerID Invalid
V010Unsupported Transaction Type
V011Invalid Amount
V012VAS Duplicate Reference
V013Transaction not found
V014VAS Provider System Error
V015Transaction is in an incorrect state to complete the attempted transaction
V016FINALIZE parameters don’t match RESERVE parameters
V017Required fields are not provided
V020VAS Provider Bill Issuer not supported
V021RSA ID number does not match VAS account
V022Voucher invalid
V023Meter is blocked
V024Payment made within last 30 mins. Pls wait for your account to reflect payment
V025Payment can not be made that exceeds the outstanding balance