Transaction types

Transaction TypeDescription


This transaction completes an authorisation for the payment where the funds are reserved on the payment instrument. The reserved funds cannot be spent by the user. A RESERVE must be followed by a FINALIZE to confirm the payment within a pre-determined period else the authorisation will be released by the bank. This period differs by bank that the customer is paying from and you should FINALIZE within seven days of submitting the RESERVE request.


This confirms a RESERVE and ensures the funds are transferred from the customer's account to the merchant's account. A FINALIZE must be processed within seven days of submitting the RESERVE request. If a RESERVE is not FINALIZED, the funds will be released back to the customer.


This is a single leg transaction which does the RESERVE and FINALIZE in one call


This is used to refund the full or a partial amount of a completed transaction


This is used to cancel a RESERVE, possibly if the merchant was unable to entitle the service or supply the goods