Gateway Response Codes

SafeShop Gateway Response Codes

In the event where SafeShop cannot complete the transaction due to configurations, error condition, or any other issue one of the following response messages may be returned.

ResultCodeResultMessageResult Description
10196Transaction Failed. 3D authentication process failed or was cancelled. Please return to the merchant website and reprocess your transaction. (10196)  During Secure 3D processing the user failed to enter the correct OTP or stopped the authentication process by selecting the cancel/exit option.
10205Transaction Failed. Restricted transaction due to 3D authentication merchant risk setting. Please return to merchant website and use an alternative payment method or card. (10205)  The transaction risk parameters were outside of the allowed merchant risk settings and the transaction were declined by PayU. For example the card used was unrolled for Secure 3D but the merchant risk setting requires fully authenticated card transactions.
10015 No Previous Transaction Found (10015)  
10060Invalid Bank Reference Code (10060)The PayU/SafeShop reference used does not match the bank authentication code received for the first part of the transaction. Applies to cases where reserved transactions needs to be settled (Finalize call) or settled transactions require refunding (Credit call).
10027Transaction Rule not set (10027) Settlement, credit or cancel transactions can only be processed if current transaction state is correct for the following action. For example a settlement(Finalize) follows an authorization (Reserve), a credit can only be done on a settlement(Finalized transaction)
10005Credit Card Number Invalid (10005)The card number does not conform to credit card structures
10006Credit Card Date Invalid (10006)Expiry date in incorrect format of current date past expiry date provided
10032Invalid CVV Number (10032)Invalid CVV Number

This list might not contain all the responses that can be returned but the most common responses. If an unknown response is returned please contact PayU support.