Secure 3D

What is Secure 3D?

Secure 3D is a technical standard created by Visa and MasterCard to further secure online transactions. MasterCard brand their system “MasterCard SecureCode”, while Visa call their system “Verified by Visa”.


The benefits of Secure 3D for online shoppers

Through Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, credit cards can be protected against unauthorised use when shopping online. All customers need to do is enroll themselves online and once activated, their card number cannot be used for purchases without their personal password. Certain banks automatically enroll their customers in the Secure 3D program.

The benefits of Secure 3D for online merchants

Secure 3D payment security creates what is called a ‘trust chain’ throughout the transaction. Once a cardholder registered with Secure 3D has entered their correct Secure 3D password during a transaction (and this has been successfully authenticated), under certain conditions the liability for fraud shifts from the merchant to the cardholder’s issuing bank.

How does Secure 3D work?

When an e-commerce transaction occurs on a Secure3D website and the cardholder is paying using a credit card enrolled in Secure 3D, either the MasterCard or Visa pop up or inline security screen appears. The cardholder enters his/her Secure 3D password for authentication, and upon successful verification, the transaction is processed.

How do I integrate Secure 3D with PayU?

Depending on the which of the integration method used extra functionality might need to be added to your integration to make provision for the Secure 3D. integration method used you might need to add the extra functionality in order to make provision for Secure 3D.