PayU Easy Merchant

The PayU Easy Merchant product offering is a a quick, easy and hassle free way to start selling online and is ideal for business without an online merchant account . Customers make payments on a secure, PayU-hosted page, and there is no need to worry about protecting stored cardholder data, encrypting data in transit, or restricting access to cardholder data. This greatly reduces the scope of PCI Compliance and increases security as PayU will never pass cardholder information back to merchant's website.

Merchants are able to take payments using any of the following payment methods depending on whether it was enabled on their PayU store as per the contract:

  • Credit Cards

  • Smart EFT

The Easy Merchant product is implemented using the Redirect Payment Page (RPP)  integration method. PayU has various plugins for some of the most widely used shopping cart platforms in order to speed up integration.


Please note the following:

  • 3D secure: By default Easy Merchant accounts would be configured to process 3D SECURE FULLY AUTHENTICATED ONLY credit card transactions. This means that any un-enrolled card transactions will fail .

  • International cards: By default Easy Merchant accounts would be configured to process South African cards ONLY. If merchants required the use of international cards they would need to provide specific motivation.