PayU General

Hi and welcome to PayU's help site!

This site aims to assist you with any questions you might have and has been divided into the following sections:

New to PayU and feeling overwhelmed? - This section will help you.

  • For Developers
    We have created a separate help section for developers with the necessary resources in order to integrate successfully.

  • For Merchants
    If you are a merchant using PayU then this section is for you

  • For Customers
    If you are a shopper and using PayU to make payments, this section is for you

  • Support
    Who do you contact at PayU to get support?

  • 3-D Secure
    Find all of the necessary information around 3D secure here

  • Cipher suites and protocols supported by PayU.
    Supported protocols and cipher suites for connecting to PayU's API.