Customising the redirect payment page.

The PayU payment page can be customised to bring it closer to the merchant's branding of their website. Customisation is done by PayU's design team on the merchant's behalf.

Basic customisation

The following need to be provided by merchants in order to do customisations:

General customisations:

  • a logo width of 200px.

More advanced customisations (please note that these take longer to implement/setup)

  • the CSS hex value for the header bar
  • a large resolution background image


This detail can be sent to the our integration team - contact details here


Only certain elements on the payment page can be customised. From the examples below shown it can be seen that all the examples have a similar look and feel and only certain aspects of the page are customisable:

Advanced customisation

In case you want to design a custom background. You can follow 1 of 2 routes:

  1. Design a small, tile-able image to be used as the new background.  This has the advantage of requiring very little resources where download and storage is concerned.
  2. Design the background as one big image.  To make this work the merchant has to provide a 1920px X 1080px 72dpi image.  Make the file as small as possible.

If the merchant wants to add some sort of branding to the background then use the below guide images for save placement.